I ask this question all the time, too! (Sometimes, Mommy and Papa clench their jaws really tight if I ask Why? too much, but I’m happy you asked!)

Mommy and Papa always tell me that we work hard to have money to buy things for our family and for our friends.  I probably asked How? that time and Papa decided to teach me more about this.

Last year, Papa and I worked very hard picking pecans and then we packaged them and sold them to our neighbors, friends, and families.   I used the money I earned to buy Christmas presents for my family.  It felt really good to pick out gifts and pay with my own money.  It made it very special to watch everyone open gifts!

I even bought some gifts for a little girl that Mommy was helping at work from an Angel Tree.  That felt extra special.

This year, we even brought Benji to pick pecans, but I was very sad to find out that there were no pecans!  When I asked Papa Why? he said it must not have been a good year for pecans.

I asked What are we going to do now?  We thought and thought, and thought of a great idea!  We could make some yummy treats and sell them!  Yay! 

I love to cook and have been learning a lot in my cooking classes!  Papa is a really good cook, too!  He can be my helper.  Mommy told me that he could be my Sous Chef.  She said that he would have to listen to me when we’re baking.  That will be fun!