Pecans n’ Cream Pie


Thanks for visiting.  My name is Mina and I am five years old.  Papa made this website for me to help me sell my yummy goodies.  This week, I am making a pie that was super yummy when we made it for Thanksgiving last year. 

I am calling it Pecans ‘n Cream pie.  It’s like all the yumminess from a pecan pie and all the yumminess from a cheesecake having a playdate in your mouth!

We’re making these from scratch, so I am only making twelve pies. 

Mommy or Papa can help me deliver them on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday afternoon (November 24-26).  We can deliver pies in Plano, Murphy, Wylie and Richardson.  You’d have to double check with my parents if we can drive anywhere further! 

If you would like to order one send my papa an email at with your address and phone number and preferred delivery date or just leave a comment below with your email address and we’ll contact you to arrange everything.

I’m selling these homemade pies for $15 each.  I know you’ll love it.  My little brother Benji says its “Goo!”.


Sorry, check again for my cookies really soon!